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Hi, and welcome to the site.

I can't really say welcome to my site, because I had nothing to do with it going up, other than living my life. I walked into the Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans to play a doubles match in the Turkey Shoot racquetball tournament (held there every December), and Steve Shelton walks up to me and says,

"Hey, you have a website!"


"That's right, I made one for you this morning right before I started cooking. Come check it out!"

Now Steve, besides being a good player and a racquetball nut, is one of the reasons that Elmwood is famous nationwide for its hospitality at racquetball tournaments. This particular weekend he was cooking up an alligator and chicken sauce-piquante (complete with alligator sausage) that brings tears to the eyes, it's so good.

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Well, apparently Steve's talents are by no means limited to the kitchen and the court, because in the half-hour before starting to cook he put up this website. The idea of having a website never occurred to me - I don't even have a computer. And the idea of having a website about me seemed a little awkward as well.'s hoping this doesn't just become my site or Steve's site or Al Reagle and Troy Albert's site. (Al and Troy do the site for Elmwood Fitness Center, which blows away many -maybe most- of the state

Let's hope this becomes OUR site - everyone who enjoys coming here. Thanks already to those who have visited and had nice words and/or a picture to share.

And rather than just being a site about me, here's hoping it morphs into a site about the spirit of racquetball, the spirit of competition and comraderie, and the true spirit of play.



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