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Story One

From:   Kevin

A friend, a father, a brotha-from-anotha-motha, Bobo the Hobo, the formless form of Boboji.....

Yoda has taken up the saber of light as Dunny is in action, the magic staff returns to Merlin's hand and order is restored...or finally dissolved for the benefit of the whole as the spirit moves through you and in all things.

Teachin' without preachin 'cause love's the pleasin' reason that you be spreadin' seeds and giving selfless deeds to new unexpected friends, this story never ends..

..racquetball and hoops are just a fraction of your action, a tool to share the golden rule and be a candle in the night spreading love and light.. ..with mischievious delight.

Aware that time is but a joke so laugh while you can monkey boy! It's all just a dream, so why not keep it interesting?

The director, the star and the extra all rolled into one....invisible and bold the truth is always told through the story in your eyes my friend.

Let's get out there and rock....and ROLL THE BONES!

much love, kevin

Story Two

From:   Wesley Hartsfield

I First met Bo back in 1982 or '83, when he was the pro at Regency. I was 12 and he taught me to play racquetball.

I moved to Florida five years later and did not see or speak with him until the year 2002. I was standing in the parking lot, at the Backyard in Austin, waiting for the show to start (Widespread Panic).

When I noticed him, I knew it was him and he knew it was me. I did't matter that it had been 15yrs,it was like it had only been a week. Hope to see you in 2005 at a Widespread Panic show:)! (Red Rocks& New Orleans)

"....And they will come....."

From:   Ray Lewis

On May 3rd Bo, dad (Bull Dennis Lewis), and I (Ray Lewis) went to see Taj Mahal in concert in Fort Worth. Little did we know that the venue was an Opera house and most of the people were dressed very nicely. Bo, being his usual self, was in a tie-die "Greatful Dead Basketball Tournament" T-shirt and stood out from the rest of the people in slacks and polos.

But the irony of the whole night and the point of this "Bo story" is that out of the entire concert hall of about 1500 people, another man in a tie-dye shirt just so happened to sit next to Bo. What are the odds that the only two wearing tie-dye would sit next to one another? But I guess with Bo the unusual is usually what takes place.

Have fun where ever you are Bo


From:   Pete Harms

I first met Bo, in 1989, while I was in the 8th grade. This site is about racquetball, and the love of that sport, but I think Bo transends a single sport. Bo taught me to play basketball, and to love competition in general. I do to this day.

So here's to Bo, and his un-orthodox, but effective ways. A man that will perhaps be know as a man ahead of his time, while remaining behind the times.

From:    Jana Parker

Hey Bo! You're one of a kind! My dad told me you were in Coppell, sorry I missed you! Hope eveything is well.

Love, Jana

From:   Troy Albert

Hi Bo,
I was able to speak with you briefly a few tournaments back at Elmwood. I drop by your home page quite often and figured why not drop you an email. I wish we had more time to talk, but it seems time is a precious commodity these days. Anyhow, I've really enjoyed watching you with players both on and off the court.

I've recently gotten back in to Racquetball this past year after a very long break. I have to admit, it's been a very frustrating year. I don't move like I used to when I was 20 years old. Seems this whole year has been full of nothing but injuries. I managed to crawl up from the bottom of "D" in to "C" before my last set back got a hold of me. I may need Orthoscopic surgery on my knees this summer. If I do find my health again and get a chance at a fresh start, I'm going to really come out hard. Seems though, the worlds been working against me. That's life sometimes I guess.

I hope life is treating you well my friend. If you're ever near Elmwood and need anything, please ask.

Sincerely, Troy Albert

From:   Marty Morrison

Hey Bo!

RUSH Rules!


From:   Rudy Herrera

Bo knows the score.

Have you ever seen the man referee? He doesn't use a score card. He just knows. It matters not- singles or doubles- keeping the servers straight...
Bo knows the score.
Looking forward to seeing you again Bo!
San Antonio beckons.

From:   John Sanders

Bo is racquetball.

My family has been involved in the game for over 30 years. One of my fondest memories include Bo. I was a rising junior player at 15. Thinking I was skilled enough to hang with this goofy Open player, I hastily agreed to play him when he visited the Acadian Court Club (Lake Charles - late 70's). He stepped on the court wearing his traditional Converse hi-tops and proceeded to embarrass me. I was aghast. Not that he beat me. I was beaten with Bo swinging a 6-inch racquet. He's floated in and out of the tournaments I've played all my life. He's always greeted me as a friend yet I will forever think of Bo as family! The soul of racquetball.

From:   Lance A Gilliam

Hi Bo,

Just a note from all your friends in San Antonio. Bo you have always been more than just a coach and a mentor to me. You are the orginal "Johnny Appleseed" of Racquetball. Every where you have traveled, you have planted racquetball seedlings. Now I find it very interesting to see how your forests have grown! I can truly say that without your encouragement, advise, and friendship, I would have never been so involved in this Sport. Hope to see you soon.

From:   : matt vawter

Bo is like the seasons and the planets in our solar system....he comes and goes on his own orbit. Not to be confined and not to be held in one place too long! A real wanderer.

A can tell dozens of stories about my friend Bo. My favorites are the time he beat me in 9 holes of golf with his putter! Or the time he beat three of us 3-on-1 in basketball with his left hand. Or my favorite, how he beat two of us 2-on-1 in racquetball with his feet.

His has taught me a ton about sports and life. Lessons that I cherish to this day. Lessons that I now impart to others.

Matt Vawter
Boulder, CO

From:   dan "rudy" miller

I was once hanging w/ bo & told him my take on him & he liked it so much he made me promise to put it on his site, so here it is:

From:    Robert Hagen

After knowing Bo one of the greatest satifactions is sneaking one in. Example: about 1983, boggle, Friar; a member of a religious order that orig. lived by alms. I know I didn't forget.

From:    Robert Hagen

I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.Example #2+ : also about 1983, Cheyenne WY, Crackshooters, Bo had a doughnut for breakfast!!! (first ever he claimed at the time, althouth that was for fun and I lost first round) The night in Chugwater, the blinding blizzard, and "I think it's about time we about face" I never say that. 3 Carrots.

From:    Sean O'Neill

Very cool, I think I ran into a few of those cats a while back. Small world.

Cheers, Sean O'Neill

From:    Knock it off

Great Site! I hope to see a bunch of pictures soon.

I know Bo from when he lived in South Dakota. My parents would give him our family station wagon and he drove half a dozen of us rball-crazed kids around the midwest to tournaments in the early 80's.

Bo is one of a kind.

I have told Bo that he is our first honary member.......
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From:    Erik Schmidt

I've figured it out: Bo is a comet.

He's quick, he's bright, it's amazing when you see him, you're bummed when he's gone, but you know at some point he'll back again. The only difference is the memories don't fade like a trail of ice crystals.

I've always known Bo was a Long Distance Voyager, but after seeing all these stories from everybody, I'm even more glad I ever got the chance to know this fine fella.

Bo, hope you catch my blip on the radar and that you're doing better than ever. I'm gonna be a poppa in a couple of days. Thanks for the seeds of thought you planted, they've grown well. Hope you fly over Atlanta sometime soon. O.K. I know this web-site is racquetball-based, so for the record, I did get the privilege of standing on a court with Bo and he fostered a love for sports and the warrior-within for me that still lives on. Life is a sport- play on.

From:    Bull Lewis

Now that I have gained your attention, I know bo. Bo was my best friend during high school and our first years at LSU (GO TIGERS!!!). He was the best man at my wedding (yes he wore a tux, but I think he had something strange on his feet).I can't even begin to relay our adventures and misadventures, but I can say that the years that I spent with bo, up to the time I went into the Navy in 72, were about as much fun as you can have while keeping your clothes on.

The biggest problem with bo is there is only one bo and, like us all, he is living under the constraints of time. There simply is not enough of bo to go around. I saw him on Christmas day at his parent's home in Baton Rouge, an annual bo pilgrimage (not to be confused with a trip to go see bo pilgrim) that me and my kids take. While our time is very limited at these reunions, I am injected with my bo fix and, being rejuvenated, I can last another year. But I want that bo high on a more frequent basis. But alas, time does not allow it. So I am thankful for the once a year visit.

As you have the opportunity to engage in a bo sighting, go up and talk to him...relish him, Heinze him, catch up to him, but for God sakes, get to know him. You may not get another opportunity. There's just not enough of him to go around.

From:    Dawgfrmn2

Thanks for sending me the info on this website. It's great

From:    Clarence Simmons

See you around Bo.

From:    Ed Arias

Hi Bo, this could be the year my boy finally makes it to the Rumble ... hope so.

From:    Pattie Schof

( No Comment....but she was here....)

From:    Lynn Stephens

Had to come see what you had on my buddy Bo. I'll send you a picture.

From:    Lynn Stephens


I'm Lynn Stephens. I'm President of the North Carolina Racquetball Assoc. Here's a picture of Bo and myself at National Singles this year. Great guy! I hope you can build on this site. One of the most interesting and intelligent people I've ever had discussions with.


From:    Landon Aydell

( No Comment....but he was here....)

From:    Joel Sicherman

Yeh sure- Bo gets around; but has he been to the Keystone State? I bet not. Truth be told, I don't know the man. Can he coach? Can he play? 'They' say he can. I'll tell you this much- he's got the smoothest name I ever heard.

From:   Bo

To answer Joel: I have to admit that the last time I was in Pennsylvania there was no such thing as racquetball, and I was a kid on a family vacation through the northeast. But Philly has been my favorite NBA team for many, many years, if that means anything.

Can I play? Can I coach? I never worried if I could; I just did it. If you want a first-hand opinion you could track down Steven Klaiman, who's seen me play and teach. He's going to college in Pennsylvania, but I think he's taking time off from racquetball to focus on the classroom and play squash for his school. He does have a handful of national and world titles, so I guess I didn't hold him back too much.

From:    Joel

Bo-My comment, "Can he play? Can he teach?", was COMPLETELY tongue in cheek. I assume you do both very well. Sorry for any confusion about that. Glad you are a Sixer's fan and if you get to the beatiful Pocono northeast again, drop me a line.

From:   Jim Winterton

I started coaching against bo's juniors in 1978. He is one of the true pioneers of racquetball. Keep up the good work for our great sport.

From:   Glenn Bell

Bo, it's always a pleasure to run into you at tourn. I appreciate all the kind and supportive words when we talk. I remember seeing Bo for the first when I went over to Houston to watch nationals and he was on one of the glass courts there in the main area, he had a thin leather headband and two different color high top tennis shoes, I'm pretty sure one was aqua and the other was orange. I thought now would you look at this clown, but over the years I have gotten to know Bo a little and as for as racquetball there is none I admire more. He is always a positive thinker!!

From:   Will deGravelles

I was with Bo just last week, and these 3 huge biker dudes attacked us, and Bo single handedly dropped all three with a few delicate moves of that wicked cane he carries around. Man, don't screw with this dude. He's invincible.

From:   Chris "treetops" Baker

Bo helped me shut my eyes so I could see more clearly. I was truly swinging free. Here's to the "Waker"

From:   Joe Sherrill

Joe Sherrill Just to let you know I was here. Please keep the shoes!

....And more will come.....

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